Experience Vancouver’s Other Reality

Nightly from October 10 – 31st, 2017

Within our beautiful city lies a dark and sordid past. A haunted city built on the ashes of burial grounds, villainous murders, and deals gone awry. On the dark and dreary nights of autumn, the Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour travels Vancouver’s streets exposing the mysteries and forgotten lore that haunt our alleyways, homes, parks and hotels. Echoes of murders and other devastating events will fill your ears and eyes. Vancouver will never look the same.


A Splash of Red from the Hotel Window

The Lady in Red Haunts the 14th Floor

Within the confines of one of Vancouver’s most luxurious hotels resides on of the city’s most infamous ghosts. Clad in a billowing red dress, Jennie Pearl graced the Hotel Vancouver ballroom in the 1940s before being killed in a tragic car accident. However, she didn’t let death get between her and her beloved hotel. In May 2017, Hotel Vancouver elevator mechanic Scott Graham saw her on the 14th floor. Will you be next?


Home to the Dead & Their Stories

Step Inside the Autopsy Room

From 1932 to 1952 over 15,000 autopsies were performed in the Coroner’s Office. Every murder victim and eventually their assailants came through this very place. Now it is your turn.


360 Degrees of Horror

Immerse Yourself in the Dreamscape Virtual Reality Experience

We've designed a personal experience that uses technology to tap into your dreams. Call it your own horror experience. Strap on a VR headset and we'll immerse you in a world beyond your own imagination.

Nightly Tours

October 10 - 31st, 2017

Tuesday - Saturday nights starting at 6:30pm
Additional tours at 7:30 | 8:30 | 9:30


Are You in a Group

We’ll Host Private Tours for Up to 33 Victims, Sorry, Passengers.

Our Coordinator, Cynthia Ruggles, will ensureall your paperwork is in order.


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